Are you an English Rose?

January 19th, 2012

In January we usually find ourselves at our palest, waiting earnestly for the Summer. Yet, did you know that having your moles screened whilst your skin is at its palest is more desirable than when you have a tan.

A lack of suntan means that any moles or lesions you have will be even more visible to our specially trained nurses. So consider having your moles checked before heading off to sunnier climes.

People with paler complexions such as the true English Roses among us do have a statistically higher chance of developing skin cancer, so a good knowledge and awareness of your own skin is always important.

Please, give our Customer Care Manager a call today on 0800 112 3383  or email her for more information and to book your appointment. We have clinics in Ashtead and Cobham at times to suit your lifestyle. Take the first step in skin awareness.

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