Mole Screening

Having your moles checked at Surrey Mole Screening Services can offer you peace of mind.

In the UK the incidence of skin cancer is increasing and we have now overtaken Australia in the number of deaths each year from Malignant Melanoma. The major factor in the causation of skin cancers is ultraviolet radiation, probably from exposure to the sun during childhood and adolescence. Cases of Malignant Melanoma have reached 8,900 people each year in the UK, making it the seventh most common cancer.

Fortunately most skin cancers are curable if treated at an early stage. This is why early detection is so important.

What SMSS can do for you:

SMSS are now able to offer you the latest techniques in skin cancer screening, using state of the art imaging equipment. The initial nurse-led appointment offers either a full visual examination of the skin or the assessment of any specific worrying skin lesion. Our special camera and computer software can indicate the statistical risk of skin cancer, and our programme stores your images on file for future comparison – so any changes could be identified.

Our nurses will also be able to offer you advice on how to protect your skin from further sun damage in the future.

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