Skin Cancer Treatment

One of our unique benefits is that if your nurse has any concerns following your initial consultation, for instance if any suspect moles are detected, we can arrange an urgent appointment for you – often on the same day – with a specialist.

A biopsy can be taken if necessary, allowing you to recieve the relevant treatment as quickly as possible.

Alternatively you can be referred back to your GP by our team:

  • To obtain a referral letter to a specialist, should you wish to be covered by your medical insurance
  • To be placed on the NHS waiting list for further treatment
  • Some GP’s may wish to carry out a biopsy themselves


  • You do not need a GP referral to arrange an initial mole screening appointment
  • A prompt appointment can be made at a time convenient to you, in either Ashtead, Cobham or Guilford.

For more information please call our customer services on 0800 1123383