Common Myths

SMSS want to clear up a few things, let us help you to be safe under the sun and look after your skin.

MYTH: A tan protects you from the sun

FACT: A dark tan on white skin only offers an SPF of about 4

MYTH: You can’t get sunburnt on a cloudy day

FACT: Up to 80% of UV can penetrate cloud cover

MYTH: You can’t get sunburnt in the water

FACT: Water offers minimal protection from UV as reflection from water increases your UV exposure

MYTH: UV radiation in the winter is not dangerous

FACT: UV is generally lower in winter, but sun reflection and high altitude do increase UV exposure

MYTH: Sunscreens protect me so I can sunbathe for longer

FACT: Sunscreens are not intended to increase your time in the sun, but instead protect against otherwise unavoidable exposure – correct application is essential

MYTH: With regular breaks during sunbathing you won’t get burnt

FACT: UV exposure is cumulative throughout the day

MYTH: If you don’t feel the hot rays of the sun then you can’t get burnt

FACT: Sunburn is caused by UV radiation which cannot be felt

MYTH: Having sun-beds before a holiday is good for you

FACT: Sun-beds damage the skin and are best avoided entirely